Please read the instruction manual carefully to understand all the functions of this ultrasonic repellent device. Keep for future references. 

How does it work? 

The Great Outdoors Solar Mole and Snake Repeller are designed to safely and effectively repel underground rodents and snakes by using ultrasonic waves and vibrations. These repellers scare the pests, making them flee the area.  This repeller has an effective range of up to 7,000 square feet. For best results, place one solar sole repeller every 100 feet in affected areas. The on-board battery can store enough energy to power the unit for several days of little or no sun; in some cases up to one full week.

Ultrasonic Repellent for Snakes & Moles Set Up

  1. Unpack the device.
  2. Connect the cables between the solar panel and stake bar 
  3. Assemble the unit
  4. Switch Button “ON/OFF” position as below

Assemble and Install

NOTE: Check the ground before installing the device; frozen or waterlogged ground is not recommended. First, bore or dig a small hole to make room for the device. DO NOT use a hammer or excessive force when installing. Choose a location that gets plenty of sunshine, this will ensure full charging of the batteries and better results.

  1. 1) Pick a location free from shade and cover, then dig a hole in the ground to place the device.
  2. 2) Insert the stake (bar) into the ground, make sure the top is above to the surface roughly 1 inch.  Place soil around the unit, securing it in the earth.
  3. 3) For normal operation, press the switch “ON/OFF”.
  4. NOTE:  For first-time use, leave power switch “OFF” for 2 full days of sunlight to charge.


  1. If the rechargeable batteries are not used for a long time (more than 1 month), the battery’s power may be fully released. It is suggested to charge the batteries 3-5 times to reactivate their full potential.
  2. If the battery is used for a long time, please replace 3 pieces of 1.2V AA size rechargeable batteries (NiCD or Ni-MH) in the battery compartment. The better quality the batteries are, the better effect the item will have.


  1. It happens that persons can hear part of their range. So put the device as far as possible from human life place. Do not install the device in children and babies playing around the perimeter.
  2. Do not cover up the PIR sensor.
  3. To clean the device, use damp-soft and mild soap with water. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning agents that may damage the device.

Technical Specification

  • Power Supply:   Rechargeable 1.2V AA battery and solar panel.
  • Repeller Frequency:   400Hz-1000Hz, signal escalates across the range for increased effectiveness.


  • Weather-Resistant Housing
  • Large coverage area
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Humane treatment of pests
  • Maintenance-Free Design 
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Rechargeable Battery

Great Outdoors Solar Mole and Snake Repeller – Pack of 4 Solar Powered Repellent for Moles Snakes Rodents Mice Gophers Voles and Shrews – Waterproof Solar Powered Ultrasonic Repeller to keep Away unwanted Pests – Great Outdoors Pest Control

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