Sonic rodent repellents are usually budget-friendly and can easily be found in-stores and online. All you have to do is to slide the mole repellents into the ground (generally with a spoke), and they will emit sonic vibrations to scare off moles and other rodents. Here is how to repel moles in a yard is by using sonic mole repellents.

However, not all the sonic mole repellents are created equal. So, if you are in search of best sonic mole repellent, you are at the right place.

GREAT OUTDOORS ™ Ultrasonic Underground Repellent for Moles, Gophers, Voles, Snakes

How to repel moles
sonic mole repellents

This Ultrasonic Underground Repellent for Moles is an ideal solution to not only repel moles but also scare off Gophers, Voles and Snakes.

The powerful Eco-friendly device vibrates and emits 400 HZ low-frequency sonic pulses every 20 seconds to repel rodents. The solar-powered energy saving mole repellent is compact and portable and is fully waterproof and features sonic waves that are 100% harmless on humans. This rodent deterrent covers approximately an area of 70 ft. in diameter while 4-hour solar charge lasts for 5 days.

Now, that you have found the right mole repellent for your, next step is how to get rid of moles using a sonic repellent.

How to Repel Moles and other underground creatures: A Step By Step Guide

how you can repel the moles

Moles are attracted to a yard because of the quantity of insects in the soil and the comfort of digging through it. Open, wide spaces are usually a serious target. Therefore, you must know that if you have a large and unobstructed lawn, you may experience particularly extensive mole damage.

Moles can transmit rabies and also result in parasites problems like fleas and ticks. Therefore, it is essential to get rid of moles and other rodents to safeguard you, your family and pets against theses. Here is how you can repel the moles;

  • Inspection is the first step that starts with surveying your farm or yard for mole and other rodents’ tunnels and burrows and locate where they are. Using a flashlight will help to detect any raised areas without tripping over them.
  •  Inspecting your vegetation can help to further classify the type of rodent you are dealing with. For example, moles only eat insects and mostly stay underground while plant damage can be a sign of a vole or another critter.
  • The next step is to treat and prevent. Now, you can use DIY methods like poison and set traps for the purpose but with these, you will have to regularly check them if you have children or pets. Therefore, a better and secure remedy is to use sonic repellents. Moles and gophers are sensitive to noises. Thus the Underground Sonic Repellent will get rid of the moles at no nuisance to you, and you would not have to worry about any poison or trap checking.
  • Simply insert the solar mole repeller to ground soil that receives plenty of sunlight and switch it on. You can insert the repeller in the soil or place it on other flat locations that need to be protected and say goodbye to moles and other rodents.

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