Great Outdoors

About Us

“Great Outdoors™ is created by people like you. We enjoy the OUTDOORS and we found a way to make it GREAT. Your safety and comfort is our priority!

Fully Enjoy Your Outdoor Activities

Now you can enjoy your outdoor activities without being eaten alive by all the flying pests out there. With our all natural Repellent Bracelets & Patches, made out with essential oils known to repel insects.

Perfect Protection for your Home & Garden against unwanted guests!

Protect your home, your lawn, and your garden with the Great Outdoors™ Ultrasonic Pest Repellent and Animal Repellent Devices. Our Ultrasonic Repellents emit sounds with extremely high frequencies, thereby creating an acoustically hostile environment to force Animals like deers, foxes, dogs, cats or Rodents like rats, bats, squirrels, raccoons, and other pests.

Commitment to deliver Best Pest & Animal Deterrent Products

We are serious about our commitment to provide products that contribute to the well being of the community and our environment. We got hundreds of thousands of householders and businesses that now are enjoying our natural way to keep the unwanted guests away, without the hazard of dangerous poisons and chemicals.

We Offer Effective Pest Removal Solutions

Great Outdoors Ultrasonic Animal Repellents

Waterproof design

No worries about the rainy days! The Great Outdoors Pest Repeller has a waterproof design, allowing it to work perfectly on any weather! The product uses solar energy to be recharged, ensuring a non-stop surveillance for your garden!

Powerful Ultrasonic Sounds

The Ultrasonic Repellents emits powerful sounds to scare away unwanted animals. Equipped with an infrared motion sensor, the ultrasonic will be activated as soon as animals enter the protected range.

Perfect for Your Property

Perfect to protect your farm, garden, yard, lawn, patio, garage from unwanted animals and pests. You will feel safer in your area! No more wild animals around.

Easy to Mount

Just insert it to ground soil where there is plenty of sunlight and switch it on. Portable and small size design, it can be installed in your home, garden, courtyard, or somewhere else.