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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Does the Great Outdoors™ Ultrasonic Repellent Devices Really Work?

Our products emit ultrasonic waves on different frequencies that will create an acoustically hostile environment radius, capable of repelling all kind of insects, pests, rodents, flying pests, birds and animals.

Q2. Are they safe for humans?

Yes, even minimize the human contact with disease-bearing, it’s more humane than traps, safer then poisons. The ultrasounds emitted by our repellent devices cannot be heard by the human ear (your eardrum cannot vibrate fast enough). We can hear sounds ranging from 20 to 20,000 cycles per second, while small animals like dogs can hear sounds between 67-45,000 Hz. In the upper frequencies of animals hearing range, the sounds can cause irritation and discomfort.

Q3. When can I expect results?

The field studies that we conducted for the U.S. registration showed a marked reduction in rodent activity in a 6 to 10 day average. The field studies on bigger animals like Deers took up to 25 days. The efficiency of our products can variate depending on the kind of insect or animal, behavior and frequency of the ultrasonic waves emitted by the device

Q4. How do I know it’s working, If i can’t hear it?

When our ultrasonic repellents are turned on, you will see a light turned on. This light tells you the deterrent device works properly. You can also hear a slight sound if you are close enough.

Q5. What will be the power consumption?

Power consumption will be only 2 watts for 24 hours, but you don’t need to worry about that we have equipped our ultrasonic deterrent devices with solar panels that will charge the batteries placed inside the units.

Q6. Does the sounds penetrate through walls or other rooms?

No. Actually, ultrasonic waves behave more like light than sound. The placement of the device is very important any objects will block the ultrasonic waves. You will have to install separate unit in each room where you got a problem.

Q7. Can dogs, cats and other family pets can be disturbed by the ultrasounds?

Depending on the product and frequency of the sound waves for example cats can be disturbed at 32 kHz while dogs at 45kHz.

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