Mosquitoes Repellent Patches Yellow 60-Pack

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Keep Mosquitoes Away in a natural way! Try our Natural Essential Oils Mosquito Repellent Patches

  • 🍃 60 PACK PREMIUM Mosquitoes Repellent Patches

60 pack of Mosquitoes Patches DEET FREE! ALL NATURAL, THIAMINE BASED. Our Repellent Patches is a topically applied patch that repels mosquitoes and other biting insects! The Great Outdoors™  Repellent Patches contains no pesticides and is totally safe and approved for use on children as young as one year of age, unlike DEET.

The Great Outdoors™ Patches are 100% safe and harmless to children and pets, yet so effective it keeps the blood-sucking insects away for up to 24 hours! Made out with essential oils known to repel mosquitoes and other flying pests.

Superior Protection From Mosquitoes Repellent Up to 24h Protection Best Mosquitoes Patches!

GREAT OUTDOORS ™ Repellents Patches are guaranteed to help repel mosquitoes bugs insects. If you find it is useless or not as good as the description, we will give you a full refund. So Buy With Confidence.

  • The mosquito patches can protect you up to 24 hours.
  • The combination of the natural substances will keep the mosquito bug insect away from you and your kids effectively.
  • They are waterproof & comfortable to wear.
  • So they are perfect for hiking, BBQ, gardening, fishing and traveling.
  • The combination of natural substances will keep the mosquitoes away from you effectively.

✅ Enjoy your free time!
With GREAT OUTDOORS Mosquitoes Repellent, your children will be able to play freely without the continual breaks to spray them

✅ 100% Natural Non-Toxic Chemical & Deet Free
The Repellent Patches are made of 100% natural substances such as Citronella, Lemongrass, and Geraniol Essential Oils. Also, they are deet-free and safe for children and babies. We guarantee that are not a health hazard and safe for kids and baby

✅ Resealable Travel Bag
The patches come in a resealable travel bag.
Up to 24 hours of protection – will keep the mosquito away from you and your kids effectively.
You could store the patches back to the package after use in order to continue its life.

✅ What’s in the box?
60 x Top Quality Mosquito Repellent Patches to fit with your outfit whether it’s a night out with the family or an excursion with your best friends!

✅ Feel comfortable!
Mosquitoes Repellent can be discreetly stuck to any surface to avoid them being noticeable. The patches are primarily designed to be worn on clothing/skin, but they can also be applied to various surfaces, like bags, pushchairs, cots, beds, tables and more!

5 reviews for Mosquitoes Repellent Patches Yellow 60-Pack

  1. Allie

    Okay these came just in time for our long outdoor weekend of fun!!! Came home without a single mosquito bite 🙌🏼

  2. Jessica

    Bought these for the kids in our family for the 3rd of July firework show at the park. I am so happy I bought these this is the 1st year my kids came back with no mosquito bites.these patches work great without leaving my kids smelling like bug repellent.

  3. Devane

    My kids and I get eaten every time we go outside. And though I’ve found a stay I really like I don’t love getting like I need to bathe after every use. I’ve got a Thermacell that I really enjoy but it’s not very practical when everyone wants to be mobile outside. These have been a great everyday use solution because I don’t have to wash each of my kids down after each use, or make sure they stay within a15′ radius.
    Pros: Very effective, minimal smell, portable, only use what you need.
    Con: They do leave a little bit of a residue when you take them off, but I think it’s too keep them from being too sticky. And I’ll take a quarter size spot of oily vs my whole body.

  4. Samuel W.

    I love this product because it helps keep the bugs away without having to spray nasty spray on my children.

  5. Sarah Tielke

    These are great! Easy to stick and they work well! There weren’t any directions included, but I just used one on my arm and one on my leg and they worked really well!

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